About Scentsation

Company Profile

  • Leading Luxury Retailers with chain of Stores, providing the latest and top of the line products.
  • We offer our customers a premium selection of international brands across diverse product ranges of cosmetics, skincare and fragrances appealing to all ages and tastes across both genders.
  • House of Premium Fragrance

As of now, 6 outlets nationwide and yet expanding


  • Our Company is founded on the doctrine of Luxury & Service.
  • Our core purpose is to create harmony in all we do.
  • SCENTSATION’ s mission is to indulge customers with an exceptional shopping experience.
  • Our long-term vision is to become a leading Company reputed for having transformed the environment in this field.

Our Stores

  • Our stores harbinger a new age in luxury shopping with dazzling retail concepts, immaculate service standards and impressive hospitality which is fast becoming our hallmark.
  • Customers revel in a retail milieu that is luxurious, contemporary and hospitable. This unique mix of premium brands at affordable prices enables us to satisfy existing and attract new customers.
  • We encourage all our existing and new customers to experience the feel of luxury shopping by visiting SCENTSATION.


Scentsation prides itself as the leading luxury retailer in the fragrance industry providing latest and top of the line fragrances, cosmetics and skincare. having world-class fragrances, captivating ambiance and mesmerizing experience within your reach, all ensuring to leave you spellbound as soon as you step into any of its 6 nationwide concept stores.

SCENTSATION has captured this complete experience of a true high-end luxury brand in its identity. The delicate flower motif in Royal Black & Gold symbolizes the sheer amalgamation of magnificence with a touch of supreme luxury.

Scentsation offers its customers a premium selection of international brands. The stores harbinger a new age in luxury shopping with dazzling retail concepts, immaculate service standards and impressive hospitality.

It is said that, “you are what you wear”. Be it floral, oriental, citrus, chypre or mystic SCENTSATION has it all - The wide range of fragrances for the customers to describe them the best.

Customers have not only been talking about the shopping experience, but also have been charmed by SCENTSATION for the authenticity of each brand. The fragrances are directly procured from the producers and are sold with receipt jackets, which carry a seal of originality giving the customers the guarantee that the products purchased from SCENTSATION are indeed authentic.

The meticulous service makes the customer return to SCENTSATION, almost like the pull of a beautiful scent. However, SCENTSATION does more than that to drive loyalty. With each purchase, we offer Loyalty Cards.